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The reality of the Palestinian people

By chazzan Paul Heller

If we like it or not, it’s a fact that there is a group of people that were left stateless after the partition, call them Palestinians call them whatever you want, that’s the name they took, there is no need to justify the right of the people of Israel to live in our land, by denying the name Palestinian being a British mandate or Roman term. It’s our obligation to understand that we were placed in a position to be able to live with them. History has shown that evil forces have taken advantage and created a war of terror from the very beginning of our existence, a force that only seeks Israel’s destruction. Do not confuse the two things, the Palestinians right to exist after 1948 and the threat of those who represent the people of Amalek, who Israel needs to uproot for their unequivocal behaviour.

Still it is incomprehensible that the UN doesn’t condemn the attack of the 7th of October, and even its General Secretary said: “It was foreseen”, Mr General Secretary should visit the area as many other leaders have and judge if this is something acceptable by any means in terms of the organisation he represents to watch over between other human rights, where they are really missing sorry, messing so much in the region.

Not only have we now obtained clear proof of where Hammas operates, tunnels have been discovered under hospitals, schools, mosques, and what is the response of the international community with few exceptions, nothing. Still oil seems to be the major player in the game, we know it from wars fought of the past decades, and there is an alliance as always with the suppliers. Sadly, it still will take some years to not be dependent on it.

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