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Why is the UN attacking palestinian children?

The Management of Reality

Is the UN colluding with the terrorists? Do they support attacks against palestinian children? These questions are important.

I can already hear the objections. What’s the matter with me?

Haven’t I heard—they’ll insist—that the UN, the collection of governments from around the world, loves the Palestinians more than any other human?

And to support this they’ll make the following comparison:

UNRWA = United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East; UNHCR = United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The UN, they’ll tell me, has almost double the number of employees taking care of the Palestinian refugees than it does for those from other places.¹ And the UN spends more on the Palestinian refugees than it spends for refugees elsewhere. Not because Palestinian refugees are more numerous, mind you. According to the UN, non-Palestinian refugees and displaced persons around the world are a total of 74 million; the Palestinians are 5.6 million.² But on a per-refugee basis the UN spends on Palestinians double what it spends on others.³

Not only that. According to Wikipedia, “UNRWA is the only UN agency dedicated to helping refugees from a specific region or conflict.” In fact, it is “the only UN agency”—whether for refugees or anything else—“whose area of operation is not global but regional, and that deals with a single group of people.”⁴ This is done exclusively for the Arab Palestinians.

Isn’t it obvious—my adversaries will ask—that if you want to get UN assistance the best thing to be is an Arab Palestinian? Doesn’t this demonstrate that the UN supports—and most dearly—the Arab Palestinians?

And if that weren’t enough, they will add, the UN inflates to the maximum imaginable the population of ‘Palestinian refugees,’ because they’ve included in this category any Arab or Muslim who was allegedly harmed by the War of 1948 and who had arrived in British Mandate Palestine (from wherever) just two years before that war. (All of their descendants are also included.)

They’ll see me drawing breath and—without even waiting for my argument—they’ll rush to object that they’re not finished, because the more than 30,000 employees of UNRWA are almost all Palestinian. So, beyond what is distributed, UNRWA is—in and of itself—a grand project to assist the Palestinian population.

And then, with self-satisfied indignation, my adversaries will at last want to know: So what am I complaining about?

I don’t give a damn. I’m gonna complain.

This article will explain how the UN is destroying the Palestinian children.

Hamas and the UN together destroy Palestinian children

Here follows a summary based on a careful documentation put together by Palestinian Media Watch:

“Hamas employs minors for suicide attacks and other forms of terrorist activity, sometimes giving them money or promising to pay their families. Hamas uses Gaza schools and kindergartens as missile storage and launching sites; children’s facilities protect terrorists from the Israeli fire. A vivid 15-second video shows how they force small boys to screen adult fighters from Israeli snipers. Even Arab sources complain that the Islamists use ‘human shields and hide behind them, without mercy for their children.’ ”⁵

Why are Hamas terrorists using Arab Palestinian children as shields? It’s obvious: for the terrorists, an Arab Palestinian child is worth more dead—for the propaganda value—than alive and flourishing.

But because a properly effective human shield does not resist its mission, Hamas schools indoctrinate the children to participate joyfully in their self-destruction. And this has been achieved: “Polls show,” writes the same article, “that between 72 percent and 80% of Palestinian children yearn to die as martyrs; independent psychology research confirms these numbers.” They destroy the minds of these kids so they can later destroy their bodies.

Who’s outraged? The UN? No, not the UN. Not even a little bit.

The UN publishes a “list of armies and guerrilla groups that kill and maim children in conflicts worldwide,” but the “Palestinian militants”—as the New York Times genteelly calls them—have never been included “in the annual report on rights violations.”⁶

Why not?

And what about the ‘Child Soldiers Global Report – Occupied Palestinian Territories,’ created by an NGO called Child Soldiers International? I ask because UNHCR—the UN—publishes this report in its Refworld website.⁷ Does this report complain, perchance, about the massive recruitment of children to the ranks of Hamas terrorists? About the children who are employed in terrorist attacks—including suicide bombings? About the kids who are used as human shields for the Hamas terrorists?

Nope. Not a bit. Zero mention of any of that.

I was able to find in the 2004 report, however, one mention—just one—of the phrase human shield. It goes like this: “The Israeli armed forces were reported to have used [Palestinian] children as human shields” (my emphasis).⁸ They write in the plural, but they are talking about one kid—just one. And the accusation is obviously false (consult the footnote). But that will not make the authors of this report waver, who have accepted this accusation without any documentation.⁹

(Why is the UN publishing such reports on its website? Isn’t the UN evaluating the quality of what it publishes? I don’t believe the disclaimer included gets them off the hook. This is serious stuff. The UN should only traffic with organizations that are serious. The webpage for Child Soldiers International no longer even exists.)

The same report accuses that “The Israeli intelligence services (Shabak) continually seek to recruit children as informants,” and to this end, it says, Israelis torture these children when they are detained for engaging in anti-Israeli violence. Where does this accusation come from? I poke around and I find that it comes from the Palestinian terrorists, who, via an NGO, are apparently formally linked to the UN. These are the terrorists of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, or PFLP.¹⁰

The PFLP is “the second-largest of the groups forming the Palestine Liberation Organization [PLO].” The PFLP has been responsible for some the most famous and terrible terrorist attacks.

The UN does not seem interested in protecting Arab Palestinian children. Just the opposite.

PLO/Fatah—also with UN help—likewise destroys Palestinian children

PLO/Fatah (the ‘Palestinian Authority’) is, by contrast with Hamas, supposed to be interested in negotiating peace with Israel. That’s what the media and the academics say.

Is that so? But then how to explain that last Friday the ‘Palestinian Authority’ circulated an official document with “basic elements” for the Friday sermon that included quotations from the Qur’an with incitements to kill Jews?

The Palestinians in the mosques who receive these messages have already been indoctrinated by the same ‘Palestinian Authority,’ that, thanks to the Oslo Accords of 1993-94, entered Israel to govern the Arabs in Judea & Samaria (‘West Bank’), making a pretense of having abandoned terrorism. Since then they have been indoctrinating the Arab Palestinian population. This has been going on now for a generation (2023-1993 = 30 years).

The dramatic expression of this indoctrination can be seen today in the schools of the ‘Palestinian Authority’ in Judea & Samaria, where young children learn to say—under the proud gaze of their terrorist tutors—that their biggest ambition for when they are ‘grownups’ is to become a shahid, that is, a ‘martyr’ who destroys their own life in order to take with them a few Jews.¹¹

In its television channel, the ‘Palestinian Authority’ proudly boasts an interview with these kids who have just recently learned to talk but who understand already how glorious it will be to destroy their own lives killing Jews, their ‘enemies.’

You have to see this to believe it.

What I found most painful was a program for children where the ‘tutor,’ an older girl, speaks to two girls of about 5 (at most). Below the video I have a transcription of the key moment.

TUTOR: What does a policeman do?

MUPPET [with a shrill voice]: He catches thieves and people who make trouble.

TUTOR: And shoots Jews. Right?

GIRLS [smiling]: Sí.

TUTOR: You want to be like him?

GIRLS [Nodding with their heads].

TUTOR: Allah willing, when you grow up.

GIRL: So that I can shoot Jews.

MUPPET [exclaims with happiness]

TUTOR: All of them? All of them?

GIRL [smiling]: Yes.

TUTOR: Very good.

All of them. From an early age they learn what the final goal is: genocide.

To that end, also from an early age, the kids are trained as soldiers. On this question, the UN refers us once again to Child Soldiers International, whose 2001 document claims that “There is no military training in regular schools [of the ‘Palestinian Authority’].”

Those schools are anything but ‘regular.’ In any case, the document immediately concedes:

“However, in the summer of 2000 it was estimated that nearly 50,000 children were enrolled in military-style camps, which included military discipline rules and training in the use of light arms. These were mostly organised by a government organization [of the ‘Palestinian Authority’], the Political Guidance and Training Unit.”¹²

These are summer camps:

“The New York Times reported that more than 25,000 Palestinian children in a single summer attended a camp that taught boys the practice of kidnaping and ambushing, as well as how to operate firearms and other skills for guerilla war.”¹³