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Why is the UN attacking palestinian children?

The Management of Reality

Is the UN colluding with the terrorists? Do they support attacks against palestinian children? These questions are important.

I can already hear the objections. What’s the matter with me?

Haven’t I heard—they’ll insist—that the UN, the collection of governments from around the world, loves the Palestinians more than any other human?

And to support this they’ll make the following comparison:

UNRWA = United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East; UNHCR = United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The UN, they’ll tell me, has almost double the number of employees taking care of the Palestinian refugees than it does for those from other places.¹ And the UN spends more on the Palestinian refugees than it spends for refugees elsewhere. Not because Palestinian refugees are more numerous, mind you. According to the UN, non-Palestinian refugees and displaced persons around the world are a total of 74 million; the Palestinians are 5.6 million.² But on a per-refugee basis the UN spends on Palestinians double what it spends on others.³

Not only that. According to Wikipedia, “UNRWA is the only UN agency dedicated to helping refugees from a specific region or conflict.” In fact, it is “the only UN agency”—whether for refugees or anything else—“whose area of operation is not global but regional, and that deals with a single group of people.”⁴ This is done exclusively for the Arab Palestinians.

Isn’t it obvious—my adversaries will ask—that if you want to get UN assistance the best thing to be is an Arab Palestinian? Doesn’t this demonstrate that the UN supports—and most dearly—the Arab Palestinians?

And if that weren’t enough, they will add, the UN inflates to the maximum imaginable the population of ‘Palestinian refugees,’ because they’ve included in this category any Arab or Muslim who was allegedly harmed by the War of 1948 and who had arrived in British Mandate Palestine (from wherever) just two years before that war. (All of their descendants are also included.)

They’ll see me drawing breath and—without even waiting for my argument—they’ll rush to object that they’re not finished, because the more than 30,000 employees of UNRWA are almost all Palestinian. So, beyond what is distributed, UNRWA is—in and of itself—a grand project to assist the Palestinian population.

And then, with self-satisfied indignation, my adversaries will at last want to know: So what am I complaining about?

I don’t give a damn. I’m gonna complain.

This article will explain how the UN is destroying the Palestinian children.

Hamas and the UN together destroy Palestinian children

Here follows a summary based on a careful documentation put together by Palestinian Media Watch:

“Hamas employs minors for suicide attacks and other forms of terrorist activity, sometimes giving them money or promising to pay their families. Hamas uses Gaza schools and kindergartens as missile storage and launching sites; children’s facilities protect terrorists from the Israeli fire. A vivid 15-second video shows how they force small boys to screen adult fighters from Israeli snipers. Even Arab sources complain that the Islamists use ‘human shields and hide behind them, without mercy for their children.’ ”⁵

Why are Hamas terrorists using Arab Palestinian children as shields? It’s obvious: for the terrorists, an Arab Palestinian child is worth more dead—for the propaganda value—than alive and flourishing.

But because a properly effective human shield does not resist its mission, Hamas schools indoctrinate the children to participate joyfully in their self-destruction. And this has been achieved: “Polls show,” writes the same article, “that between 72 percent and 80% of Palestinian children yearn to die as martyrs; independent psychology research confirms these numbers.” They destroy the minds of these kids so they can later destroy their bodies.

Who’s outraged? The UN? No, not the UN. Not even a little bit.

The UN publishes a “list of armies and guerrilla groups that kill and maim children in conflicts worldwide,” but the “Palestinian militants”—as the New York Times genteelly calls them—have never been included “in the annual report on rights violations.”⁶

Why not?

And what about the ‘Child Soldiers Global Report – Occupied Palestinian Territories,’ created by an NGO called Child Soldiers International? I ask because UNHCR—the UN—publishes this report in its Refworld website.⁷ Does this report complain, perchance, about the massive recruitment of children to the ranks of Hamas terrorists? About the children who are employed in terrorist attacks—including suicide bombings? About the kids who are used as human shields for the Hamas terrorists?

Nope. Not a bit. Zero mention of any of that.

I was able to find in the 2004 report, however, one mention—just one—of the phrase human shield. It goes like this: “The Israeli armed forces were reported to have used [Palestinian] children as human shields” (my emphasis).⁸ They write in the plural, but they are talking about one kid—just one. And the accusation is obviously false (consult the footnote). But that will not make the authors of this report waver, who have accepted this accusation without any documentation.⁹

(Why is the UN publishing such reports on its website? Isn’t the UN evaluating the quality of what it publishes? I don’t believe the disclaimer included gets them off the hook. This is serious stuff. The UN should only traffic with organizations that are serious. The webpage for Child Soldiers International no longer even exists.)

The same report accuses that “The Israeli intelligence services (Shabak) continually seek to recruit children as informants,” and to this end, it says, Israelis torture these children when they are detained for engaging in anti-Israeli violence. Where does this accusation come from? I poke around and I find that it comes from the Palestinian terrorists, who, via an NGO, are apparently formally linked to the UN. These are the terrorists of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, or PFLP.¹⁰

The PFLP is “the second-largest of the groups forming the Palestine Liberation Organization [PLO].” The PFLP has been responsible for some the most famous and terrible terrorist attacks.

The UN does not seem interested in protecting Arab Palestinian children. Just the opposite.

PLO/Fatah—also with UN help—likewise destroys Palestinian children

PLO/Fatah (the ‘Palestinian Authority’) is, by contrast with Hamas, supposed to be interested in negotiating peace with Israel. That’s what the media and the academics say.

Is that so? But then how to explain that last Friday the ‘Palestinian Authority’ circulated an official document with “basic elements” for the Friday sermon that included quotations from the Qur’an with incitements to kill Jews?

The Palestinians in the mosques who receive these messages have already been indoctrinated by the same ‘Palestinian Authority,’ that, thanks to the Oslo Accords of 1993-94, entered Israel to govern the Arabs in Judea & Samaria (‘West Bank’), making a pretense of having abandoned terrorism. Since then they have been indoctrinating the Arab Palestinian population. This has been going on now for a generation (2023-1993 = 30 years).

The dramatic expression of this indoctrination can be seen today in the schools of the ‘Palestinian Authority’ in Judea & Samaria, where young children learn to say—under the proud gaze of their terrorist tutors—that their biggest ambition for when they are ‘grownups’ is to become a shahid, that is, a ‘martyr’ who destroys their own life in order to take with them a few Jews.¹¹

In its television channel, the ‘Palestinian Authority’ proudly boasts an interview with these kids who have just recently learned to talk but who understand already how glorious it will be to destroy their own lives killing Jews, their ‘enemies.’

You have to see this to believe it.

What I found most painful was a program for children where the ‘tutor,’ an older girl, speaks to two girls of about 5 (at most). Below the video I have a transcription of the key moment.

TUTOR: What does a policeman do?

MUPPET [with a shrill voice]: He catches thieves and people who make trouble.

TUTOR: And shoots Jews. Right?

GIRLS [smiling]: Sí.

TUTOR: You want to be like him?

GIRLS [Nodding with their heads].

TUTOR: Allah willing, when you grow up.

GIRL: So that I can shoot Jews.

MUPPET [exclaims with happiness]

TUTOR: All of them? All of them?

GIRL [smiling]: Yes.

TUTOR: Very good.

All of them. From an early age they learn what the final goal is: genocide.

To that end, also from an early age, the kids are trained as soldiers. On this question, the UN refers us once again to Child Soldiers International, whose 2001 document claims that “There is no military training in regular schools [of the ‘Palestinian Authority’].”

Those schools are anything but ‘regular.’ In any case, the document immediately concedes:

“However, in the summer of 2000 it was estimated that nearly 50,000 children were enrolled in military-style camps, which included military discipline rules and training in the use of light arms. These were mostly organised by a government organization [of the ‘Palestinian Authority’], the Political Guidance and Training Unit.”¹²

These are summer camps:

“The New York Times reported that more than 25,000 Palestinian children in a single summer attended a camp that taught boys the practice of kidnaping and ambushing, as well as how to operate firearms and other skills for guerilla war.”¹³

We are not speaking of Hamas, but of the ‘Palestinian Authority.’

Once again you have to see this to believe it. A very useful video shows Yasser Arafat (leader of PLO/Fatah) issuing the challenge, ‘Give me proof!’, to a Spanish woman who asks him about the military training he imposes on Palestinian children. The rest of the video presents the evidence.

Another video shows how they make the children march with belts of explosives and fake weapons.

When convenient, these same children are employed as suicide bombers. Their parents, uncles, teachers—all of them indoctrinated by the same system—offer them up proudly to be human sacrifices.¹⁴

To motivate massive participation—whether active, as secondary support, or as moral support— in the terrorist attacks, the ‘Palestinian Authority’ pours enormous quantities of money, as a main priority, in making terrorism a sure path—almost the only path—to enrichment and prestige for Palestinian families, as historian and journalist Edwin Black has documented.¹⁵

A famous saying (attributed to Golda Meir, Israeli prime minister) has expressed it best: “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their own children more than they hate us.”

Nobody is concerned about this?

All of the material alluded to here has been available for many years and can be easily accessed (by those interested in looking). It’s all out there for journalists, NGO activists, and government functionaries from all over the world to peruse, including representatives of the various governments at the UN. Where, then, I ask myself, are the mournful advocates of the Arab Palestinians to denounce this attack against entire generations of children?

¡What a lot of noise we heard—and well done—against the pederastic Catholic priests! Obviously Catholic children have genuine defenders. ¿But isn’t this even worse? These people are killing the Palestinian children. Why isn’t anyone defending them?

Is it possible that nobody is offended that these children should be taught (on TV! in school!) to desire and love their own death? Can it be true that nobody is outraged to see that, from a young age, they should be added to the ranks of terrorists on the pay of the ‘Palestinian Authority,’ and that they should sacrifice their minds, bodies, and lives on the altar of hate? Nobody?

No—it would be wrong to say ‘nobody.’ I have seen plenty of concern from Israeli organizations such as Palestinian Media Watch and MEMRI. Those who work there are dedicated to monitoring the media and the schools of the Palestinian Authority, and they are almost the only ones to lament—with real grief—the destruction of the culture and the future of the Palestinian people.

And there are also some Arab Palestinians—completely abandoned by self-proclaimed ‘pro-Palestinian’ Westerners—who worry about their children and resist the program of indoctrination. Their ‘leaders’ bring death upon them to teach others that nobody can get out of line. Anybody who resists the Palestinian Authority is called a ‘collaborator’ (with the Israelis) and then gets a visit from their armed thugs (consult the footnote).¹⁶

The Muslim countries, which are more than 25% of the UN, are not concerned for these Palestinian children. In fact, Muslim countries have announced that they will not receive a single refugee from Gaza.

And the UN? The UN does not denounce. The UN covers up. The UN enables.

Here is the anecdote that is worth a thousand explanations: In 2015 it was discovered that Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza have been using, as weapons stores and missile-launching platforms, UNRWA’s—the UN’s—schools in Gaza.¹⁷

The UN did not denounce this; others did. And then the UN was forced to admit it. In other words, UNRWA—the UN—is not allied with the Arab Palestinians; she is allied with the Palestinian terrorists. The UN and Hamas agree to kill Palestinian children.

UPDATE 2023-10-26: And now UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said this:

It is important to also recognize the attacks by Hamas did not happen in a vacuum. The Palestinian people have been subjected to 56 years of suffocating occupation.”

The UN secretary general is simply lying. There is no “suffocating occupation.” Israel never occupied Gaza—that was Egypt. Israel was merely forced to control Gaza after Egypt provoked a genocidal attack and then lost (War of 1967 / Six Day War). But even if it were fair to call Israeli control over Gaza—because Israel had to defend herself from an attempted genocide—an “occupation,” it ended in 2005, when Israel gave Gaza to the Arab Palestinians asking for nothing in return: it’s called the Gaza Disengagement. So, what occupation?

But Guterres is right about one thing: “the attacks by Hamas did not happen in a vacuum.” Very true. The Hamas attacks happened thanks to UN sponsorship of Hamas—the same sponsorship of Hamas that has been destroying the Arab Palestinian children.

Why aren’t people marching in the streets against the alliance of the UN with Hamas and PLO/Fatah? Doesn’t anyone care about the Arab Palestinian children?

Questions for my fellow Westerners

Could it be that the Arab Palestinians are not really interesting—as such—for almost anyone? Might all this ‘pro-Palestinian’ political ferment just be an attack against the Jews?

Is it perhaps the case that NGOs, Muslim governments, Big Media, jihadi terrorists, Western governments, the communist left, the progressive left, the moderate left, the extreme right, Neo-Nazis, many churches, the UN, etcetera, are all ‘in favor’ of the Palestinians because in truth they support anti-Jewish terrorism?

Are we still the same antisemitic civilization that, for centuries, has organized giant mass killings of Jews? Is this why the alleged ‘support for the Palestinians’ is expressed these days, in the streets of the West (¡goodness!) with violent attacks against Jewish civilians?

Could it be that we prefer to convince ourselves about the supposed perfidy of the Jews so that we, children of a ‘civilization’ that exterminates them, can once again—full of hypocrisy and sanctimony—lecture (and beat) them?

Are we so oppressed by the guilt and shame our own culture drags in its train that we need to claim the Jews will deserve the next mass killing in order to absolve ourselves for the Holocaust and everything that came before it?


Can’t we find within ourselves a yearning, at least, to wake up and transcend our history?

I prefer to believe, for the benefit of our souls, that the violent antisemites—though very loud—are few, and that the rest of us have been profoundly disinformed by an antisemitic media system.

I prefer to believe that we have been victims—like the Palestinian children—of a vast psychological warfare program that is managing our reality.

But I am not too consoled by that. Because if Westerners do not wake up—now!—we will soon see the next great mass killing of Jews, once again organized—like the last one, in World War II—by the Western and Muslim power elites.

And we will all pay for that, for it will mean The Collapse of the West.


Want more?

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Note: I must bring the following to your attention: Notice how the New York Times makes an equivalence between Israel and Hamas, as if Israel were also forcing to become terrorist soldiers.

7. I verified that RefWorld is indeed UNCHR. In this UNHCR page they say the following:

UNHCR eligibility guidelines, international protection considerations, non-return advisories and other country-related guidance can be accessed on Refworld.

The link is indeed for the Refworld site that I am citing.

8. Child Soldiers Global Report 2004 – Occupied Palestinian Territories; Refworld; UNHCR

9. Israelis are famous for doing everything possible to avoid civilian casualties. It is precisely for this reason that Hamas—devoid entirely of scruples or morals—uses its own children as human shields: because they know that the Israelis will try to protect the lives of the Palestinian children. Given 1) that it is Hamas policy to educate its children to desire death and die as a shahid; 2) that Hamas is itself killing those children if it means taking some Israelis; and 3) that Israeli soldiers know whom they are fighting, ¿why would Israeli soldiers think that a Palestinian child is useful—to them—as a human shield? It is obvious, in this context, that the accusation against Israeli soldiers of having used one Palestinian child as a shield is extraordinary, for which reason very careful evidence is needed—and Child Soldiers International certainly does not have that—.

The report’s footnote is useless, for it neither cites nor much less links to a specific document. But I was able to find what appears to be the original news story about this incident, and it is obvious that the accusation is false. The Palestinian child mentioned in this story was arrested—everyone is agreed: Palestinians and Israelis—after throwing stones at Israeli soldiers. According to the accusation against the Israeli soldiers, they had tied him to the hood of a Jeep to use him as a human shield and protect themselves from stones. In the photo, however, you can see that the boy is resting. Someone who finds himself in a hail of stones will bunch up his legs, duck his head, and protect with his arms and hands; if possible, he will turn sideways. This kid is facing forward, with his body fully extended, and his hands resting on his belly, placidly relaxed. His head, his face, and his groin are completely exposed and unprotected. He does not seem scared, though he does look upsed (he’s been arrested). The only testimony alleging that this kid was used as a ‘human shield’ in a hail of stones comes from the child and from his father. In any case, the Israeli authorities said they would investigate the incident because using Palestinian children as human shields is not Israeli policy, as it is with Hamas.

10. Child Soldiers International presents the accusation as if made by Defence for Children International (DCI), who, according to the report, conducted interviews with detained and then freed Gaza children. They found, they say, that “60 per cent of the children interviewed, some of them are as young as 12, were reported to have been tortured or subjected to other forms of coercion” by the Israelis.

The accusation is grave. We must ask: Is it possible that these children, poisoned by Hamas, who “yearn to die as martyrs,” and who were detained for anti-Israeli violence, might be lying? Yes. A careful confirmation is needed here. Do they have it? They certainly don’t boast about it. The footnote (#3) does not refer us to a document that others may consult.(a)

And, mind you, the supposed source, Defence for Children International (DCI), though they may call it a ‘non-governmental organization,’ is practically an organ of the UN—that is, of all of the governments of the world—, because DCI has “consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, UNICEF, UNESCO, and the Council of Europe to attend UN fora.”(b)

That being the case, it is natural for the UN to support itself on this organization. But, should we trust DCI? According to NGO Monitor, whose research has uncovered what the beautiful names of supposedly non-governmental organizations are hiding, the answer is no. Why? Because

“Numerous individuals with alleged ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a terrorist organization designated as such by the US, EU, Canada, and Israel, have been employed and appointed as board members at DCI-P. For more information on DCI-P’s PFLP ties, read NGO Monitor’s report “Defense for Children International – Palestine’s Ties to the PFLP Terror Group.”(c)

Sources in this footnote:

(a) Child Soldiers Global Report 2004 – Occupied Palestinian Territories; Refworld; UNHCR

11. About the ideological indoctrination that children are getting in the schools of the ‘Palestinian Authority,’ we can infer this from the very names, for these schools have been named to honor terrorists and nazis, including one to honor the memory of the great Nazi exterminator of the Jews, Hajj Amin al Husseini. The ‘Palestinian Authority’ has interviewed in its own TV channel the children who are ‘educated’ there, and they said that they admire the people whose names adorn their schools, for it is their greates ambition, when ‘grown up,’ to become a shahid and die killing Jews.

Source: Palestinian Authority schools named after terrorists and Nazi collaborators; Palestinian Media Watch; by Itamar Marcus

12. Child Soldiers Global Report 2001 – Palestinian Authority/Occupied Territories; RefWorld; UNHCR

13. Opinion Editorial; St. Petersburg Times; 16 November 2002; p.14. Este artículo fue reproducido aquí:

14. To see an example of this practice, read:

Nobody is going to live forever’; BBC NEWS; 16 July 2004; By James Reynolds

15. Edwin Black has documented with exquisite care that nothing in the ‘Palestinian Authority’ budget has precedence over the payments to the terrorists (or their families, if the terrorist has died ‘martyred’). In fact, “the salaries for the terrorists rise to millions of dollars a month.”

Source: Black, Edwin. (2013). Financing the Flames: How Tax-Exempt and Public Money Fuel a Culture of Confrontation and Terror in Israel. Dialog Press. Kindle Edition. (pp.188-190, 204).

16. This is very old. Charles Krauthammer was writing like this back in 1991 about the First Intifada of the Arab Palestinians (intiated in 1987).

“ … the intifada has turned most monstrously on itself. Far more Palestinians are dying at the hands of brother Palestinians than at the hands of Israelis. ‘Everyone remains terrified when he hears a knock on his door at night,’ writes the Palestinian newspaper Al Fajr. ‘This fear multiplies when he discovers that the knocker is not a{n Israeli} soldier but rather a masked {Palestinian} man, swathed completely in black from head to toe, armed with an ax or a sword, who requests that his host, or his son or daughter, come out 'for only five or ten minutes!’ The next day, we hear on Israeli radio or television that a bound and disfigured body with signs of torture and stab wounds has been discovered.’ ”(a)

The following year, just before the Oslo Accords were signed, things were the same or worse.

“On Tuesday the body of a 30-year-old [Arab] mother of seven was dumped outside her home in Rafah refugee camp [in Gaza]. She gave birth to twins two months ago. PLO ‘Black Panthers’ claimed responsibility.

On June 7, after a wave of protests over the slaughter of dozens of alleged [Palestinian Arab] collaborators, supporters of HAMAS and the main PLO faction Fatah distributed in Gaza the text of a ‘charter of honor.’

A key element of the accord was a call to regulate the killing of collaborators through reference to the highest levels of the Palestinian leadership in the territories. The murder of innocents was condemned.

The [Israeli] army says more than 85 Palestinians on the Gaza Strip have been murdered as collaborators so far this year [this is in June] - adding that most were not collaborators.”(b)

Did things change with the Oslo Accords? Not even a little bit. Consider, as a token example, the following newspaper report, right after the agreement was signed. This report was about the PLO’s policy towards that terrorists released from Israeli jails as part of the insanity that was the Oslo Accords.

“The Palestinian police force in the Gaza Strip will issue personal weapons to a select number of former prisoners released from Israeli jails so that they can protect themselves from revenge killings, a senior local Palestine Liberation Organization leader said Wednesday.

The former inmates, along with others who were deported by Israel and later allowed to return, were arrested for killing Palestinians suspected of collaborating with Israel. The police force says they remain targets for the family members of those they executed while Israel still occupied Gaza.

We want to arm prisoners and returnees, to allow them to protect themselves against any revenge taken by families of Palestinians killed for collaborating with Israel,’ said Rasheed Abu Shbak, a senior leader of the PLO's mainstream Fatah faction in Gaza, and a member of the ‘preventive security’ unit of the police force.

Already, Mohammed Ajour, 27, who had been serving three consecutive life sentences for killing three collaborators and was released last week, received a Kalashnikov sub-machine gun from the police. Abu Shbak said about 50 others would also receive guns.

The Israeli government has released approximately 3,400 Palestinan prisoners since signing the Cairo agreement with the PLO on May 4, which implemented self-rule in Gaza and the West Bank town of Jericho.

During the Palestinian uprising, or intifada, more than 600 Palestinians from Gaza suspected of being collaborators with Israel were killed by armed members of different PLO and Islamic factions.

Palestinian security forces said that the phenomenon of families killing recently released prisoners is continuing and is considered serious.”(c)

Please note: it is Israel that arrests the murderers of innocent Arab Palestinians; the ‘preventive security’ unit of the PLO, by dramatic contrast, armed these murderers with machine guns the minute they were released thanks to the Oslo ‘Peace’ Process.

Sources in this footnote:

traste dramático, arma a los asesinos con metralletas al minuto de ser soltados gracias al Proceso ‘de Paz’ de Oslo.

Fuentes en este pie de página:

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17. UN admits Palestinians fired rockets from UNRWA schools; UN Watch; 7 abril 2015.

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