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Is there such thing?

By Chazzan Paul Heller

As we are entering the third month after the brutal attack Hammas /Isis orchestrated the 7th of October.

We still do not see how this will end. The UN Security Council took five days before the 22nd of Dec. to come up with a resolution to just say “more aid and a two state solution “ for a Palestinian people that has been suffering the war the atrocities committed by those supposed to represent them. Hamas, having full knowledge that the consequences of their acts would bring devastation, but didn’t care less, the Israeli response would leave homeless all of those

Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip surface as martyrs while the perpetrators celebrated underground complacent, as we have clearly uncovered in the massive network of tunnels constructed with the monies the international community has been giving in millions that are supposed to be for the building of everything but hiding tunnels. Certainly with the knowledge of the entire population.

And meanwhile the absurd continues, as we see here the so called representative of the Palestinian people in the UN with the so called “ State of Palestine” sign in front of his seat. Which Palestinian state? Is there such thing ?

The resolution on Friday the 22nd of December calls for a two state solution.

But we see there is already a Palestinian State in the UN, apparently.

State of Palestine?

While there is no consensus and the international community starts to acknowledge the fact that terror organisations and all those who support them must be removed, no one is going to be safe. And by nobody, I mean nobody.

As very well written in the editorial by Jeremy Issacharoff 23/12/23 in the Times of Israel: “The attack by Hamas on October 7 was also intended to destroy any chance of reconciliation between Israel and the Palestinians, undermine the Palestinian Authority and prevent any expansion of normalization in the region between Israel and Saudi Arabia.”

And, yes a solution for the Palestinian people needs to be addressed but in an appropriate manner and only under circumstances that have dealt with the threat to Israel’s national security and the hostages released.

It has only been through efforts Israel itself has devised as the Iron Dome and now the elimination of the threat of those in Gaza, Hamas and partners and its terror infrastructure that it will be possible to get back to sit at a negotiating table.

No country in the world would react differently to constant bombings and acts of barbarism as we witnessed the 7th of October.

Neither should we tolerate the threat Hizbollah is posing in the north border supposedly regulated and controlled by an UNIFIL observer unit, whatever that means?

There needs to be an international force to take care of this situation properly in the interest of global stability, apparently the UN isn’t achieving its original goals so highly important as they were in its conception, but is a corrupt bureaucracy with a lack of leadership.

Now that other alliances are made as we see to protect shipping in the Dead Sea area, Houthi, Isis and other terror organisations and their imaginary caliphate that is being built in Siria, Irak, Yemen and yes, Lebanon and Gaza.

But the fact that frustrated wars in Iraq or against the Taliban’s in Afghanistan with so many unnecessary losses is in the mind of those who need to act are taken advantage by the current terror organisations. Becomes its not only the division in Israel that brought this war it’s the withdrawal of the armies of Europe and America from Afghanistan and Irak that gave free hand to the terrorists.

Meanwhile, nobody has the right to tell Israel not to defend itself as no one else is doing anything to keep peace, besides sitting comfortably in their UN chairs discussing everything, but the threat of the spiderweb Iran and allies is threading. Or while wars in Africa or Ukraine have already shown to stay for a while, because of their incompetence.

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